Wednesday, May 8

Making a Change

Ahoy there, mateys!

Once again, I've been reading up on my favorite blogs: minimalist blogs, nomadic traveler blogs, freelance designer blogs, and be-yourself-and-be-free blogs.

And I'm inspired.

They all have incredibly beautiful blogs, and I know mine needs some aesthetic help. That's a skill I don't know and may ask for help with soon.

Destinations I am considering:

Chiang Mai, Thailand

SEA-BKK flight with my privileges: $230.20
Monthly rent: $400

Cuenca, Ecuador

SEA-UIO flight with my privileges: $133.20
Monthly rent: $400

Antigua, Guatemala

SEA-GUA flight with my privileges: $100.20
Monthly rent: $300

  • Friend tour: visiting friends all over the world in geographic order, by land where possible

Portfolio of careers & services I am considering as BUSINESSES:
  • Travel consultant
  • Translation and interpretation
  • Installation art commissions
  • Import/export businesses
And here's the work that I ENJOY doing but won't pressure myself to EARN from:
  • Creative writing
  • Crafting/making art
  • Music

Here goes the brainstorming and courage-grasping...

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