Wednesday, May 8

Friend tour

Alright y'all, here's who I might visit on my imaginary friend tour:

  • Katina: Totnes, UK
  • Jess: Paris, France
  • Lucy: Portland, OR
  • Julia R: Portland, ME
  • Tsering, Emily, Emily: New York, NY
  • Abdelkader: Algeria
  • Yoko & Yuko: Okazaki, Japan
  • Casey: Cairo, Egypt
  • Ashish: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Haneen: Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Alessia: Italy
  • Mitos: Thailand
  • Hijjawis: Nablus
  • Margaret: Colorado
  • Julia H: Boston
  • Dharamsala crew: Dharamsala, India

Just getting this all out into one place, to make room in my brain and to put it into YOUR brain...

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