Friday, July 1

[the queen and education]

Queen Rania of Jordan on education (2009 interview):

"Whether it's in the Arab world, in the West, all over the world, you have people trying to pass on their prejudices and stereotypes onto the younger generation. For me, that is a terrible thing that's almost equivalent to the abuse of children."
  • "education is an investment that doesn't de-value"
  • "6 million children out of school in Arab world, and two-thirds of them are girls"
  • "obstacles for gender parity are ... traditions, mindsets, cultural attitudes, and those unfortunately take a long time to change"
  • "we focus too much on rote learning and memorization -- we teach children what to think, not how to think"
  • "you cannot generalize about the Arab world as a whole, because the situation differs in many different countries"
  • "I don't want madrassas to always be associated with something negative, because the translation is actually 'my school'"
  • "education should be agenda-free, certainly free from any political or religious agendas"
  • "there's nothing worse that anyone can do than to feed stereotypes and prejudice in young people's minds and try to shape the way they think and they view the world"

Watch the interview here:

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