Wednesday, July 13

[khaled jarrar and the palestinian passport stamp]

News has spread quickly about artist Khaled Jarrar and his unofficial Palestinian passport stamp.

The Christian Science Monitor, NPR, CNN, and innumerable blogs and Facebook groups (including "Live and Work in Palestine") have covered the story of the stamp.

Jarrar has also taken his stamp on the road, including Corfu and Amman. On July 18th, the artist will also make an appearance at the historic Checkpoint Charlie in Germany to offer the stamp in a symbolic acknowledgment of Palestine's place among the occupied and oppressed nations of history.

What effect, if any, will this courageous act of nonviolent resistance from the Palestinians have on their upcoming bid for statehood at the United Nations in September? Will we see more acts designed to raise visibility and awareness of the Palestinian cause in the coming months?

Regardless, Jarrar's stamp merits recognition as not only a beautiful piece of artwork, but a growing symbol of the beauty, courage, and sophistication of the Palestinian people.

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