Wednesday, November 23

solidarity: now and always, here and everywhere

Bil'in Village, West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Great things are happening all over the world. Oakland, Bil'in and Springfield are excellent examples.

What does solidarity mean? Solidarity means resistance. It means acting together. It means drawing inspiration from one another. Sharing ideas and being creative. Making change. Never forgetting that we belong to one another. And that another world is on her way, and if we're quiet enough, we can definitely hear her breathing (Arundhati Roy).

Solidarity can be dangerous.

From the 1999 Seattle WTO riots.

The shape, texture, and purpose of resistant is different for every community. But resistance to unjust systems and laws is always necessary, and always requires great courage.

This video, of friends and colleagues in Massachusetts, inspires me to take more direct, nonviolent action against the illegal and undignified occupation of Palestine.

What are you working on?

What inspires you?

What does solidarity mean to you?

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