Saturday, June 11

reading list

I, probably like many of you, am guilty of creating massive reading lists including some works that interest me greatly and others that would be 'good' for me.

Below is the current version of my topic-specific reading list. Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment box, or email them to!

  • Rediscovering Palestine
  • The Economics of Women & Work in the Middle East
  • The Political Economy of Regional Cooperation in the Middle East
  • Economic & Political Liberalization in the Middle East
  • Rebuilding Devastated Economies in the Middle East
  • The Economics of Middle East Peace
  • The Arab Minority in Israel's Economy
  • State Practices and Zionist Images
  • Islam & the Political Economy of Meaning
  • Desiring Arabs
  • In Quest of an Islamic Humanism
  • The Dynamics of Neutralism in the Arab World
  • Overstating the Arab State
  • Belated Travelers
  • Nationalism in a Non-National State
  • A Compassionate Peace: A Future for the Middle East
  • Conflict Management in the Middle East
  • The Politics of Sacred Space: The Old City of Jerusalem
  • Negotiating Jerusalem
  • The West Bank Handbook
  • Crossing the Green Line Between the West Bank and Israel
  • The Yellow Wind
  • The Third Way
  • The Others Within Us
  • Strengthening Palestinian Public Institutions
  • Displaced at Home: Ethnicity & Gender Among Palestinians in Israel
  • A Voice of Reason
  • Genealogies of Conflict: Class, Identity, & State in Palestine/Israel and South Africa
  • Arab-Israeli Conflict: Psychological Obstacles to Peace
  • Israeli and Palestinian Narratives of Conflict
  • Practical Peacemaking in the Middle East
  • From Confrontation to Cooperation
  • The One-State Solution
  • Occupied by Memory: The Intifada Generation & the Palestinian State of Emergency
  • Bridging the Divide: Peacebuilding n the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Holy War, Holy Peace
  • Israel & the Palestinians: Israeli Policy Options
  • Palestine Inside Out
  • The End of the Peace Process
  • Disenthralling Ourselves
  • Nakba

Looking forward to lots of library time this summer! What books are you reading?

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